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This site was set up soon after the Academy Awards of 2002 , when it was evident that Steven Spielberg's amazing film , A.I. Artificial Intelligence , was going to be totally ignored by the Academy, inspite of brilliant direction by Mr Spielberg , a hauntingly beautiful score by maestro John Williams, wonderful cinematography by Janusz Kaminski , and an astounding performance by Haley Joel Osment, who should have won, or at least been nominated for, Best Actor that year.

Set up as a Tribute site to A.I. , the response from fans all over the world has been heartfelt and sincere .

Since then, we have had the honour of hosting some of the most amazing fansites dedicated to this amazing film , and to Haley Joel Osment . Our website is expanding , thanks to fans who have been tremendously moved by the story of A.I.

Come Away O Human Child will continue to pay Tribute to the sheer artistry that went into the making of this film , and to Haley Joel Osment , whom we believe will continue to surprise us and move us with the depth of his Art.

Daniel Chia



Just in time for the 10th Anniversary of A.I. Artificial Intelligence ...

a brand new fanfiction from Bryan Harrison, a labour of love that has taken Bryan 5 years to bring to you.

Book 1 (of a trilogy) is now available!






The Comeaway O Human Child Tribute Site celebrates the 7th Anniversary of the theatrical release of A.I. Artificial Intelligence by exploring director Steven Spielberg and lead actor Haley Joel Osment thought's about the film...

Haley speaks on audio about A.I. Artificial Intelligence and the Comeaway Tribute Site...

A Darkening Future - Steven Spielberg's thoughts about A.I. - by Fair



Stan Winston

We are devastated to hear of the sudden passing of Oscar winning visual effects artist Stan Winston at age 62 on Sunday 15th June 2008 after a 7 year battle with multiple myeloma.

Stan Winston's breathtaking visual effects work on A.I. Artificial Intelligence won him a well deserved Oscar nomination. Till today, we at Come Away O Human Child still strongly feel that he should have won the visual effects Oscar that year for A.I. Artificial Intelligence. His Oscar wins include those for Jurassic Park, Terminator 2 : Judgement Day, Aliens and Batman Returns.

Steven Spielberg, who relied on Stan Winston to craft creatures that would mesh seamlessly with digitally generated effects in Jurassic Park and Artificial Intelligence: AI, had only the highest praise for the highly respected visual effects artist. "I rode his cutting edge from teddy bears to aliens to dinosaurs," Spielberg said in a statement. "My world would not have been the same without Stan. What I will miss most is his easy laugh every time he said to me, 'Nothing is impossible.'"

On behalf of all fans of A.I. Artificial Intelligence the world over, the webmaster of Come Away O Human Child sincerely extends our sincere and deepest condolences to the family of Stan Winston.

He was a consummate artist, and we will never forget him.

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No serious fan of Steven Spielberg's A.I. Artificial Intelligence is going to want to miss this important document by Bryan Harrison. Well researched , authoritatively written, yet tongue firmly in cheek, Facts and Fairy Tales achieves what it sets out to do ... to set the record straight on A.I. Artificial Intelligence, 7 years after the film was released . I cannot recommend it highly enough. An essential read! has been honoured to have been host to Bryan Harrison's website Where The Lions Weep for the past 5 years. We are delighted that this wonderful A.I. related website has now been completely revamped and is accessible through its own dedicated URL . We thank Bryan Harrison for the many enjoyable years of close association, and now wish him all the best as Where The Lions Weep launches out on its own. We are looking forward to great things from this revamped site. We also hope that all A.I. fans will continue to support this important A.I. fansite. Click on the banner above...




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This is one interview you just CANNOT afford to miss! Haley Joel Osment talks candidly to webmaster Daniel Chia about his career so far, his past films, including A.I. Artificial Intelligence, and his upcoming film, Home of the Giants. Haley also shares with us his passion for music, books and film in this unprecedented interview.


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