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(Before shooting starts, Haley gathers other child actors around to clarify the pecking order on the set of PIF.)

"So it works like this: There's me at the top, then Kevin, Helen and what's his name... uh... the rock star guy, and then the rest of you. Any questions?".

"Spit it out, Haley! C'mon... spit it out," Jude says as he and Steven are forced once again to remind the young star that bubblegum is not allowed on the set.
After centuries of fast food, depleted ozone, toxic mold, anti-biotic resistant bacteria, radioactive waste, poisoned ground water and bio-engineered irradiated chicken nuggets covered in condiment simulating gelatinous extract of regenerated meat protein slush; the only good looking people left around... aren't people!

Becoming more and more like a real Orga male, it takes David 2000 years to finally get out and ask for directions.




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