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"Say hello to the nice people," says actor Michael Clarke Duncan as he tries his hand at an art form that has always intrigued him: ventriloquism. His exploits were short lived however, and the big man stormed from the room when his puppet upstaged him.
Sam, Jude and Haley are seen here laughing along at the unveiling party for the first fully functional Mecha, created as a tribute in the likeness of Francis O'Conner. The machine has a few bugs still, deficits in casual banter and light amusement being among them. The real Ms O'Conner left the event after only a few minutes, her only comment being "awful... simply awful."

Haley was the victim of a freak accident today. Thanks to the quick hands of a team of top-notch professionals he will survive to lead a long life. However the variety of roles available to him may be affected in the future.

"Bruce, it was awful! AWFUL! I can't even bear to remember it"

"It's ok little guy. Go ahead, you can tell me anything."

"You have no idea! ... The dialogue! ... The jokes! ohmygod Bruce... the jokes! Then everyday after shooting he'd go into that routine... 'you know you're a redneck if'... Oh God! I just couldn't take anymore!!"

"It's ok buddy. It's all over now... the bad man's gone for good."



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