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“…and I did it… Myyyyyyyy… Waaaaayyyyyyyy!!”

"No, really... that’s stuff is great for defragging the sinuses and dumping out all those useless registry entries. That old data can give you a headache if you let it go for too long... you know... that stuffy feeling? It’s great for viruses too! I always have some around. You should give it a try. I have some back at the... oppps... the kids finished booting up. Back to work."

"I don't even want to hear it, David! How many times have I told you about bringing over friends unannounced? Look at this place... it's a mess. And have you straightened up your amphibicopter lately? I think I know the answer to that one. And those boys... they look a bit big for you to be running around with anyway! Where did you meet them?"

Hushed whispers and embarrassed stares are the only response to the Visionary and CEO of Cybertronics sudden attempt at crooning during the middle of a presentation on his latest project. When later discussing the poor reaction to his unusual tactic Hobby pondered if it was the choice of "Climb Every Mountain" that caused him to bomb so badly. "Perhaps ‘My Way’" would have gone over better," he concluded and retired to rehearse his next presentation.



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