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Monica is tactful in her reaction to David's artwork, but decides to call Cybertronics later, concerned that certain oversights relating to the robot boy's comprehension of some fundamental biological realities may have been made in his programming.

"Wow... I’ll admit that's pretty good! Hmmm.. ok, now let’s see you tryyyyy ... triumphant conflict resolution buffered with a hint of melancholy and concern for an uncertain future... jeez Osment!... damn you're good... okok... how abooouuut... megalomaniacal delusions of grandeur coupled with self-loathing and introspective hesitancy all expressed within a framework of suburban adolescent angst... Dude! You're scarrryyy!  

"WHOOOAA!! HEY!!! OK OK OK! You can stop that now! I'm awake! I'm awake!"


“And remember David, no matter what anyone around here tells you, trix are not for kids."



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