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(Steven, Sam and Frances share a few beers as they wrap the set of AI)

"Hey Frances, Sam, check this out. HEY YOU! YEAH, YOU IN THE OVERALLS! PUT DOWN THOSE DAMN PROPS AND WALK LIKE A DUCK! YOU HEARD ME! WALK LIKE A DUCK OR YOU'RE FIRED! Hehehe See? See? he's doing it! Now that's what it means to be Steven freakin' Spielberg! ... NOW QUACK! QUACK OR YOU'LL NEVER WORK IN THIS TOWN AGAIN! I CAN'T HEEEEAR YOU!"



"Wait... wait... ohhh, I see! Two is equal to three over x divided by the sum of... no wait, wait. If divided byyyy... Oh multiplied by! no wait, wait," stammers Steven Spielberg as he tries to help Haley Osment with his homework. The young actor patiently ponders a discreet way to tell his friend that he is actually reading the problems Haley already solved for last weeks homework.



Haley remains diplomatically quiet as Michael tries to reason with Robert in a pre-shooting dispute.

"C'mon Bob, I know you love the role but wouldn't it make more sense for the kid to play 'Walter' and you play 'Hub'? I mean he just looks the part, right? Being fourteen and all. We'd save a bunch on make-up and effects, too. Look, mate, don't decide now? Sleep on it and I guarantee it'll make sense in the morning."



Actors Robert Duvall and Michael Caine made an unexpected appearance at a New York Post company picnic today, looking for a chance to respond to the paper’s review of Secondhand Lions.




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