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"Hey, Dad... you'll never guess who dropped by," says Haley when ex-teen idol Corey Feldman stopped in unexpectedly to share a few tips about teen stardom and maybe get a bite to eat if there was anything that they could spared.
"Doncha' jusss luv dis guy... (hic)... wadda sport, huh? (brp)... he's my bessstest pal!" sputters a 'festive' Kevin Spacy after participating in a few too many opening night toasts to PIF. Friend and fellow performer Haley Joel Osment actually managed to get the wobbling Spacey past the paparazzi and had almost slipped him into the limo door when Spacey’s poorly executed “snuggle-bear” hug caused the man to heave his dinner into the boy's hair.

Meet David, who's been most everywhere,
From Rouge City to the Flesh Fair.
But another David's only seen the sights
A boy can see from ManHatten heights,
What a crazy pair!

But they're cousins,
Identical cousins all the way.
One pair of matching bookends,
Different as night and day!

(If you’ve never seen the Patty Duke Show, which I am sure most younger folks haven’t, this will make no sense at all.)

“When I was eleven... it was a very good year..." Haley softly croons a somewhat shorter version of the song. He'll be adding more verses as time goes by, but then again... what's the hurry? It's a very good year.

(Thanks, Haley.)



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