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This website is my tribute and dedicate for AI movie and David Swintons. This website contains personal movie & character reviews, soundtrack list information, various AI fan site links, screen caps and desktop wallpapers.


ARTificial Intelligence Gallery was not an official website for AI; ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE™ film. This site was made by AI movie FAN not for commercial, but for educational, entertainment references, and exclusively for AI fans. All material used relating with AI™ images are properties pf Warner Bros & DreamWorks SKG.

About ARTificial Intelligence ART Gallery

ARTificial Intelligence ART gallery was taken from edited DVD snapshots into aesthetic element for personal desktop wallpapers. The "ART" term was also known as artistic and artificial. This term applies for my collection of retouch AI screen caps with digital art sketching. Each wallpaper size was preserved with EXIF information which keep author & copyright information. All images copyright under DreamWorks Pictures SKG. The usage of "ARTificial Intelligence ART gallery" term is for my signature upon my handiwork. Therefore, I will take my responsibility for the image unless it was modified or redistribute by other person.