Introduction; ARTificial Intelligence Gallery

The ideas came when I design some captivate shot from the AI movie for my personal desktop wallpapers. I cannot forget the pensive and happiest moment of David's childhood. On that time AI contemplate my family relations, thank god for my moms were always love me. His love will I never forget. After watching AI, I'm immediately sketch with artistic touch from the movie into desktop wallpaper.

What I do is capturing AI scene from DVD with my computer. With my basic skill on graphic and art design, the snapshot was edited to fit my desktop screen. I choose the scene where David hugs to Monica and whisper, which I cannot forget. It was the scene after the pool incident where Monica intend to drive in they country David. I feel charming when they both embrace so I decide to depict into my desktop.

Then, I've create numerous of wallpaper to use on my desktop. Once I join Dreamworks SKG AI Talkbalk like to share the precious moment of David journey for remembrances. Since the wallpaper increase with numerous scene & series, I plan to archives into a personal web gallery. So now I present you my ARTificial IntelligenceThis is not any of official AI site, just for my devotion towards AI movie. Since this is my first website in English, apologize for my humble writing and some grammatical errors. This site is to dedicate for Artificial Intelligence wallpapers which motivates me from the AI movies.