The Music

One of my attractions on AI film was from the music itself. Music can be considering as an 'actor' to sooth the rhythm of film. There is no kind of connection thrust among music composer with film producer. For professional music composer like John William, he was able to intense the story with powerful relationship with his music. The score was fully instrument by inspring of each character in AI which is naturally suite in all scene and thrust the vision or mood of the story.

With a lullaby & cantilenas, all the rhythm was intact and very well control, unlike from his previous experience in Hollywood movies. In the making if AI, John William himself explain AI is mysterious and very spiritual. This strong emotional tense would persuade viewer to sheds a tears without notice. This album is compulsary if you like the movies.

Soundtracks List

Tracks / Title / Durations

  • 01 The Mecha World {6:23}
  • 02 Abandoned in the Woods {3:07}
  • 03 Replicas {5:58}
  • 04 Hide and Seek {3:08}
  • 05 For Always {4:42}
  • 06 Cybertronics {3:30}
  • 07 The Moon Rising {4:26}
  • 08 Stored Memories and Monica's Theme {10:56}
  • 09 Where Dreams Are Born {4:23}
  • 10 Rouge City {4:57}
  • 11 The Search for the Blue Fairy {6:12}
  • 12 The Reunion {7:45}
  • 13 For Always (Duet) {4:41}


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