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My attraction on AI

In early of May 2002, I bought unexpected movie called ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. I feel nothing special about AI since I don't realize what the story is about. Usually, I spend my time more to watch on VCD or DVD rather than watch in Cinemas. I’m usually survey to DVD store each week to find some good movie. While seek some DVD title on the rack, I found some DVD in gray color printed “Steven Speilberg film- Artificial Intelligence”. Coincidently, it was the tine where the store was playing the movie for promotional. I watch one boy sitting at the table with empty dish (dinner scene).

For a while, the silence environment focus on dinner scene. There was a boy(David), woman(Monica) & a man(Henry) eating together. David watches and imitates Henry to drink with empty glass. He then imitates Monica eating spaghettis by playing his fork with his empty plates. The way he looks to Monica was really something rare, I wonder why they looking each other?

Spontaneously David laughing-hysterically, erupts Monica yield & they all laughing. But then, he suddenly stops like he's confusing (then I was laughing). I taught it was a comedy movie but it seems there was something special about this movie pushes me to get this story.

So I grab the DVD title, it’s “Artificial Intelligence”. This young actor was Haley Joel Osment, from The Sixth Sense where he was an uncanny boy who can see ghost. Since I don't plan selecting DVD title, think this will enough for my Saturday night movie.