It is indeed hard to believe that 7 full years have passed by since A.I. Artificial Intelligence was released theatrically on June 29th 2001. Since then, the film has continued to touch audiences the world over... it just refuses to be forgotten, and its main star, Haley Joel Osment, now all of 20 years old, is not only acting in upcoming indie film, Montana Amazon, he is also one of the film's Executive Producers.

Less than year after A.I. Artificial Intelligence was released theatrically, the Come Away O Human Child Site was set up to pay tribute to this astounding film, Steven Spielberg, Haley Joel Osment, and the amazing cast and crew of A.I. Artificial Intelligence. We had hoped that in time, Steven Spielberg , Haley Joel Osment and everyone involved in A.I. Artificial Intelligence, would come to hear of the tribute paid at this site to their unforgettable work.

In 2007, part of that hope came true, as we were granted an exclusive 2 hour, one on one interview with Haley Joel Osment as part of our work on the official Home of the Giants website, an independent film headlined by Haley Joel Osment.

It was to our tremendous delight to hear Haley Joel Osment thank us for the years of tribute paid to him at Come Away O Human Child . He also spoke at great length and with great passion of the impact that being in a project such as A.I. Artificial Intelligence brought him in his career.

Now, as part of our 7th Anniversary Tribute to A.I. Artificial Intelligence, we are proud to bring you audio excerpts of our interview with Haley Joel Osment.

If you have yet to see A.I. Artificial Intelligence, we urge you to buy the film on DVD. Discover this beautiful film for yourself, and be deeply moved and inspired.

Daniel Chia

Come Away O Human Child

Interview originally conducted 17th July 2007

Haley Joel Osment speaks of seeing the Comeaway Tribute Sites in his interview with webmaster Daniel Chia

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The more well known part of your career is focused more toward dramatic roles, with the kind of intensity and depth usually reserved for adult actors. "The Sixth Sense" seemed to set the current standard for young actors today, and "A.I. Artificial Intelligence" provided the opportunity to be a part of something very deep and meaningful that involved two legendary directors. How will such high expectations and wondrous experiences help to motivate you in your future performances?

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The collaboration between Stanley Kubrick and Steven Spielberg resulted in the amazing "A.I. Artificial Intelligence", and you were Mr. Spielberg's first and last choice for the lead role of "David". The depth of the film continues to inspire worthwhile discussion, the fans literally discussed the film nonstop for three whole years, and till today, I still receive lots of comments about the film, and lots of questions about it. One basic universal truth about the film is that your performance was equal to the genius of those two iconic directors. What does it mean to you to have been so closely involved with those two legends of film?

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Now that you have heard Haley Joel Osment's thoughts about A.I., don't miss Steven Spielberg's fascinating comments on this seminal film.


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