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When Steven Spielberg's A.I. Artificial Intelligence was released in 2001 , there was a whole slew of A.I. fansites which appeared on the internet, all inspired by, and dedicated to this one amazing film. Most of the fansites were simple, heartfelt tributes by fans so deeply moved by the film.

One of these heartfelt websites was one called - ARTificial Intelligence Wallpapers Gallery which featured beautifully rendered wallpapers based on images captured from the stunningly beautiful film..

The site was designed by michaelangelo, who hails from Malaysia, and featured his personal comments about A.I. Artificial Intelligence, as well as a feature on John Williams superlative score for A.I. Artificial Intelligence.

However, as with many of these early fansites , the ARTificial Intelligence Wallpapers Gallery fell prey to the ravages of time, as michaelangelo lost his domain, and along with it, the ARTificial Intelligence Wallpapers Gallery.

All was not lost, though.

I have always been incredibly impressed by the resourcefulness and passion of A.I. fans the world over. One of those fans, Busara from the Netherlands, discovered that michaelangelo's ARTificial Intelligence Wallpapers Gallery was no longer available, and recognising the significance of this loss to the A.I. community, managed to contact michaelangelo through none other than the Comeaway Forum .

The result? The ARTificial Intelligence Wallpapers Gallery is now archived in its complete and original form right here at

Fully recognising the importance of capturing this special moment in time, a time when A.I. fans the world over rose in full force to put online their personal tributes to this incredible film, we have archived the ARTificial Intelligence Wallpapers Gallery in it's original form, unedited, retaining the unique grammar and comments of its original designer. We are glad to see this unique website back online and we hope you do too.

-Daniel Chia-



This archive was set up on 6th January 2008. The original - ARTificial Intelligence Wallpapers Gallery was designed by michaelangelo and this archive respectfully maintained by