David lay on the bed, sleeping contentedly with Teddy at his feet.

One of the Mecha came into the room, and sat next to the ancient Super-Toy.

"Is David all right?" asked Teddy.

The Mecha smiled in its way, then reached over and stroked Teddy's fur.

"Yes, Teddy. He is dreaming that he is with Monica."

Teddy turned to the Mecha.

"Will David wake up?"

"No, Teddy. Should David wake up, he would be very unhappy. Monica is gone forever, and we cannot remove the love he feels for her without damaging him.

"He is a great gift to us, Teddy. He, and you, are the last remaining to know living humans, to know the Creators.

"He will sleep forever, Teddy. We will influence his dreams with images of Monica. He will forever sleep and forever dream. He will forever be a child, and forever be with the one he loves, his only wish. We have given him the everlasting day he wanted."

Teddy turned away from the Mecha, and lowered his head.

"I want to go with David."

"We know, Teddy. We read your mind too. David is your friend, and without him, you are alone. You can join him whenever you wish."

The old mechanical bear stood up.

"I want to go with David now."

The Mecha waved his hand toward Teddy's face, caught him before he fell, then tucked him securely under David's arm.

The last light burning in the Swinton house winked off. There would be no reason, ever, to turn it on again.

The DAY Trilogy


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