A.I. Artificial Intelligence has garnered at least 49 nominations worldwide for different awards, and it has won 7 of them . It is a film that has consistently been held in high regard, and although it has not won any major award, a growing number of serious film lovers have come to be intensely affected and touched by its powerful depth and beauty, and more are being added to their ranks with each passing year.

I remain convinced with each viewing , that A.I. Artificial Intelligence has been one of the most grossly overlooked films of all time, and that it was a travesty that it had not been honoured by any major film awards. Haley Joel Osment's incredibly nuanced and stunning portrayal of David the mecha, John Williams' powerful yet understated score, so myriad in emotion, and indeed , Steven Spielberg's beautifully written screenplay and masterful direction, have all not received the honour that they so richly deserve.

Yet, I believe that the greatest honour that this film has received has been the overwhelming response that it has been receiving from filmgoers worldwide, and it has been testament to the film's depth that fans all over the world continue to discuss the film, and continue to see it time and again, because they have been so deeply touched by it.

Perhaps, that is the greatest honour any film could hope for.


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