This section gathers the 32 known FYC ads together by Categories, to allow the study and comparison of the fascinatingly different artwork used to promote the different achievements of A.I. Artificial Intelligence . These FYC ads were printed in trade publications such as Hollywood Reporter , Variety and Daily Variety. Most were single full page ads, but there were a few spread across two facing pages, forming an impressive ad , especially in the large format, tabloid sized Variety magazine.

Click on each ad on the left to open up a large picture for viewing , and each picture can be supersized to 800 , 1024 and 1280 pixels in width for those with the appropriate screens.

Each ad is identified at the bottom with the date published , and in which magazine it was published . I was unable to identify the publication date of a few of the ads , and if anyone visiting this site is able identify the publication date of these few ads , I would love to hear from you , and will credit you for the information.

I have included 2 ads which were not strictly For Your Consideration ads, namely the 2 page Box Office receipts ad which appeared in July 2001 , soon after the film opened , and the ad promoting the film's screening at the Venice Film Festival, published in August 2001 . However, these are significant trade ads, and go to complete the trade promotion for the film, hence their inclusion.


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