This project has been a long time in the making , and is truly a labour of love presented as a Tribute to one of the most remarkable films of all time .

A. I. Artificial Intelligence was born out of 20 years of research and development by none other than the late, great film auteur Stanley Kubrick, who wanted his close friend and fellow director Steven Spielberg to take the directing reins, believing that Spielberg's amazing ability to draw out astounding performances from child actors was exactly what this film needed. Spielberg initially declined, even though they had been discussing the film for 18 years over the phone , as he felt that Kubrick himself should take the director's seat. After Kubrick's untimely death in 1999, however, Spielberg finally took over the project as a tribute to Kubrick, writing the screenplay himself from Kubrick's own notes, and sensitively retaining Kubrick's amazing story and vision while subtly adding his own touch to the film. A.I. was the first screenplay that he had personally written since Close Encounters of the Third Kind , because , as he said in an interview with Variety magazine, "Stanley (Kubrick) had a vision for this project that was evolving over 18 years, I am intent on bringing to the screen as much of that vision as possible along with elements of my own."

Spielberg brought along amazing talents to work with him, including his long time collaborator John Williams to do the original motion picture score, his trusted cinematographer Janusz Kaminsk, and a young actor by the name of Haley Joel Osment, the only actor that Spielberg felt could play the lead role .

The result was a film of such astounding beauty and philosophical depth, it continues to move, inspire and affect film goers till today .

In late 2001 and early 2002, in the period leading towards the 76th Annual Academy Awards and the 59th Golden Globe Awards, a series of For Your Consideration Ads were taken out in various trade magazines such as Hollywood Reporter and Variety, bringing to the attention of the film industry the many outstanding performances and film achievements made by Steven Spielberg and his cast and crew which resulted in this powerful, but largely misunderstood film.

I believe that A.I. is destined to become a cult classic, as new generations of serious film goers discover this film and are touched by it. Gathering the many For Your Consideration Ads together has indeed been a labour of love for me, and is my Tribute to this truly amazing film. Many of these FYC ads are extremely, extremely rare , and as far as I know, a project of this magnitude has never been done before this with regards to the A.I. FYC ads. I know that many will find their way here, searching as I did for as much information on A.I.Artificial Intelligence as possible, and I hope that this project to gather the FYC Ads together will go a long way to helping each one to appreciate the incredible passion that went into the making of this film.

I have tried to make this website the most authoritative and comprehensive site for A.I. FYC Ads .If you have any comments or feedback on this project, I would love to hear from you, especially if you have access to any FYC Ads that I may have missed out on. I will credit you for any new Ads that may be added to this site because of your information.

And to Stanley Kubrick, Steven Spielberg, Haley Joel Osment, John Williams and to the rest of the absolutely amazing cast and crew of A.I. Artificial Intelligence, my sincerest thanks for this truly remarkable film ....

Daniel Chia
29th June 2005



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